Evaluation question 5

Evaluation question 5 from Rhys Hughes on Vimeo.

This video answers the fifth evaluation question which is:

“How did you attract/address your audience?”

Here is my script for this video:

To address my audience is used my target audience survey and interview to gain knowledge of what they look for in a horror film.

As you can see from this screen shot of my target audience survey, horror is the most popular genre of film. As a result, this made it easy to decide on what genre I was going to be doing for my final film.

The weapon of choice, chosen by my target audience, for an antagonist in a horror was a knife and in my finished article I used a razor blade to make that connection with what my target audience preferred to see.

I intended on making the scenes where the razor is being used as creepy and uncomfortable as possible for my audience, by including blood seeping from cuts in my character’s face, and his reaction being completely natural and unchanged from when he began shaving.

I took inspiration from “The Nightmare on Elm Street” and this scene in particular.



Evaluation question 1

Evaluation question 1 from Rhys Hughes on Vimeo.

This video answers the first evaluation question which is:

“In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?”

Here is my script for this video:

In my film opening my main antagonist, who is left unknown in the first few clips, is bandage covered to conceal his identity from the audience. I use various camera shots and short duration shots to reveal clues about the character and slowly reveal his identity to the audience through these shots.


Ellysia resembles the typical teenage girl, who has just arrived home from a party. Thanks to my continuity editing I am able to create a link between her and the antagonist as the editing gives off the impression she is about to come face to face with a blood thirsty killer. However, I do not reveal Ellysia’s fate and leave the audience asking questions about what will happen next.


Just like in real media products the plot is centered around a villain and a victim. The drive and reasoning behind the antagonist’s psychopathic ways are not revealed in the opening 2 minutes and I tried to maintain a similar theme about my own film. In my opinion it is important to constantly keep the audience guessing about why the killer does certain things, what will happen next and what the consequences of certain character’s actions will be.


Minimal props were used throughout my media product, only a bandage razor, shaving cream and a key was used, even the killer himself does not have a certain weapon of choice, like typical horror films, this is because I was trying to get across the fact that he doesn’t need one single weapon to kill his victims. He improvises with his surroundings and uses his psychotic creativity to taste the fresh blood of his victims. Furthermore, this is where I feel I go against the grain in terms of real media horror films I felt like this created a creepy vibe and made my audience feel uncomfortable as they watched.


I felt it was necessary to resemble real media products as much as possible because I feel like they grab the audience’s attention and bring them to the edge of seats the best, this was something I wished to achieve in my film to the highest degree I could through the close up shots of blood seeping from the skin of my antagonist.


My ident resembles a typical horror themed ident yet my titles remain basic and simple, the use of both red a black relate to the red blood m antagonist desires and the darkness death brings with it. I felt they suited my product better than having over top and overly extravagant titles, in my opinion I prefer to let my creativity tell the story through my camera work and soundscape. This is where I feel I challenge stereotypical horror films for a second time, in that you usually see extravagant fonts in real media products, but I decided to go against the grain for reasons I have just explained.